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CEC2 Download


All the necessary software tools are available as a single GitHub repository.

We recommend installing the software first and then following the instructions in the repository's README for downloading and unpacking the data.


The data is available for download here.

On the download site you will see three data packages are available,

  • clarity_CEC2_core.v1_1.tgz [28 GB] - metadata and dev set
  • clarity_CEC2_train.v1_1.tgz [69 GB] - scenes for training systems
  • clarity_CEC2_hoairs.v1_0.tgz [144 GB] - impulse responses for generating extended training data

All participants will require the core data package. Participants using machine learning approaches will additionally require the train data package. Participants wishing to extend the training set by using our provided scene rendering tools will also require the high order ambisonic impulse responses (i.e., the hoairs package).

To unpack the data we recommend you follow the instructions in the Clarity Challenge GitHub repository.


If you previously downloaded v1_0 of the core and train data, please replace your data with v1_1: an error was found in the head rotations for the initial data release.