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The Clarity Project

The Project Timeline

The Challenges

The project is running three rounds of enhancement and prediction challenges.

  • CEC1/CPC1, 2021-2022 - Simple indoor scenes, one interferer
  • CEC2/CPC2, 2022-2023 - Complex indoor scenes, multiple interferers, head motion
  • CEC3/CPC3, 2023-2024 - Dynamic outdoor scenes, moving sources, head motion
We are currently in the participation phase of the 2nd enhancement challenge (CEC2).

The Overal Schedule

The tentative schedule for future challenges is shown below.

Key Dates

  • CEC1 Launch 1st Feb 2021, Submission 15th Jun 2021
  • CPC1 Launch 16th Nov 2021, Submission 21st Mar 2022
  • CEC2 Launch 30th Mar 2022, Submission 1st Sep 2022
  • CPC2 Launch 1st Feb 2023, Submission 1st Aug 2023
  • CEC3 Launch 1st June 2023, Submission 1st Jan 2024
  • CPC3 Launch 1st Apr 2024, Submission 1st Sep 2024

The 2nd Clarity Enhancement Challenge (CEC2)

The 1st Clarity Prediction Challenge (CPC1)

The 1st Clarity Enhancement Challenge (CEC1)