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Latency, computation time and real-time operation

· 3 min read
Trevor Cox
Clarity Team Member

An explanation of the time and computational limits for the first round of the enhancement challenge.

The 1st Clarity Enhancement Challenge

For a hearing aid to work well for users, the processing needs to be quick. The output of the hearing aid should be produced with a delay of less than about 10 ms. Many audio processing techniques are non-causal, i.e., the output of the system depends on samples from the future. Such processing is useless for hearing aids and therefore our rules include a restriction on the use of future samples.

The rules state the following:

  • Systems must be causal; the output at time t must not use any information from input samples more than 5 ms into the future (i.e., no information from input samples >t+5ms).
  • There is no limit on computational cost.