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CEC1 submissions received

· One min read
Jon Barker
Clarity Team Member

The CEC1 submission deadline has now passed. Thank you to all the teams who sent us signals.

Please remember to submit your finalised system descriptions by June 22nd to the Clarity workshop following the instructions provided on the workshop website.

We are currently busy evaluating the submissions using the MBSTOI metric. We will be contacting teams on the 22nd with details of how to prepare signals for the listening panel evaluation.

If you have been working on the challenge but missed the submission deadline then please do get in contact. We will still be happy to receive your signals and system descriptions. Although late entries will not be eligible for the official challenge ranking, we will be happy to compute the eval set MBSTOI score for you and may even be able to arrange listening test evaluation through our panel.

For any questions please contact us at or by posting to the Clarity challenge google group.