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ICASSP 2023 evaluation data released

· One min read
Jon Barker
Clarity Team Member
Trevor Cox
Clarity Team Member

We are pleased to announce that the evaluation dataset for the ICASSP Clarity Challenge is now available for download.!/folder/EkthOZZeBW33aaDBWSDadTgpOkbgaFxO

For instructions on preparing your submission please visit:

If you have not yet registered it is not too late to do so. Please use the form at the link below and we will then send you a Team ID and a personalised upload link for your submission.

Note, we have extended the deadline for submission until Friday 10th February so that teams have a full week to process the signals.

The remaining schedule is as follows,

  • 2nd Feb 2023: Release of evaluation data.
  • 10th Feb 2023: Teams submit processed signals and technical reports.
  • 14th Feb 2023: Results released. Top 5 ranked teams invited to submit papers to ICASSP-2023
  • 20th Feb 2023: Invited papers submitted to ICASSP-2023
  • 4-9th June 2023: Overview paper and invited papers presented at dedicated ICASSP session