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ICASSP 2023 evaluation data released

· One min read
Jon Barker
Trevor Cox

We are pleased to announce that the evaluation dataset for the ICASSP Clarity Challenge is now available for download.!/folder/EkthOZZeBW33aaDBWSDadTgpOkbgaFxO

For instructions on preparing your submission please visit:

If you have not yet registered it is not too late to do so. Please use the form at the link below and we will then send you a Team ID and a personalised upload link for your submission.

Note, we have extended the deadline for submission until Friday 10th February so that teams have a full week to process the signals.

The remaining schedule is as follows,

  • 2nd Feb 2023: Release of evaluation data.
  • 10th Feb 2023: Teams submit processed signals and technical reports.
  • 14th Feb 2023: Results released. Top 5 ranked teams invited to submit papers to ICASSP-2023
  • 20th Feb 2023: Invited papers submitted to ICASSP-2023
  • 4-9th June 2023: Overview paper and invited papers presented at dedicated ICASSP session