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Announcing the 2nd Clarity Prediction Challenge (CPC2)

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Jon Barker
Clarity Team Member
Trevor Cox
Clarity Team Member

The 2nd Clarity Prediction Challenge - Register Now

To allow the development of better hearing aids, we need ways to evaluate the speech intelligibility of audio signals automatically. We need a prediction model that takes the audio produced by a hearing aid and the listener's characteristics (e.g. audiogram) and estimates the speech intelligibility score that the listener would achieve in a listening test.

Last year we ran the CPC1 Challenge to develop such models. The challenge was presented at an online workshop and a special session of Interspeech 2022. We are now running the 2nd round of this challenge (CPC2), which builds on the first by using more complex signals and a larger set of listening test data for training and evaluating the prediction systems.

The outputs of the new challenge will be presented at an ISCA workshop that is being run as a satellite event to Interspeech 2023 in Dublin on 19th August 2023.

Full details can be found on the Challenge Website.

Register now to take part

If you are interested in participating please register now via the online registration form.

Important Dates

  • March - Launch of challenge, release of training data + baseline system.
  • 1st July - Release of evaluation data and opening of submission window.
  • 31st July - Submission deadline.
  • 19th August - ISCA Clarity 2023 workshop @ Interspeech
  • 19th September - Deadline for submission of finalised Workshop papers

What will be provided

  • Audio produced by a variety of (simulated) hearing aids for speech-in-noise;
  • The corresponding clean reference signals (the original speech);
  • Characteristics of the listeners (pure tone audiograms, etc);
  • The measured speech intelligibility scores from listening tests, where hearing-impaired listeners were asked to say what they heard after listening to the hearing aid processed signals.
  • Software tools including a baseline system based on HASPI scores.

For further information

To be kept up to date please join our Clarity Challenge Google group. If you have questions, please contact us directly using the contact details found here.