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The following challenge data are available for download:

  • The challenge training data is available for download as a single 13 GB file, clarity_CPC1_data.v1_1.tgz

  • The evaluation data in now available (1st March) for download as a single 6 GB file, clarity_CPC1_data.test.v1.tgz. The evaluation data should be untarred into the same root as the training data.

The Github repository containing the baseline code is here. The repository contains code for CPC1 and also for the earlier enhancement challenge CEC1. You will find all the necessary instructions for installing the data and setting up the baseline system: i.e. running the MSBG hearing loss model and MBSTOI intelligibility prediction stage. We will be making a further small release in early December to specify the final evaluation metrics that we will be using to rank entries.