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The 2nd Clarity Workshop on Machine Learning Challenges for Hearing Aids (Clarity-2022)
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Machine Learning Challenges for Hearing Aids (Clarity-2022)

29th June 2022, Virtual Workshop

To allow the development of better hearing aids, we need better ways to automaticallly evaluate the speech intelligibility of audio signals. In particular, we need prediction models that can take the audio produced by a hearing aid and the listener's characteristics (e.g. audiogram) and estimate the speech intelligibility score that the listener would achieve in a listening test.

This virtual workshop will report the outcomes of the Clarity Prediction Challenge, the first machine learning challenge to consider the task of hearing-impaired speech-in-noise intelligibility prediction.

The challenge was based around a novel dataset of hearing-impaired listeners responses to hearing-aid algorithm processed speech-in-noise. The challenge was launched in November 2021 and ran until March 2022 and attracted the submission of 16 different systems from 9 separate teams.

This virtual workshop will feature

  • announcement of the challenge results
  • presentations from participating teams
  • a keynote talk
  • award of prizes for best system and best student contribution
  • a discussion of future directions for hearing aid machine learning challenges.

Programme details now available.

Note, registration is free but prior registration is required.
Clarity-2022 Workshop