Enhancement Challenge

Round 1: 2021

A critical problem for a hearing aid wearer is to pick out speech when there is background noise. In the first Enhancement Challenge, we invite you to find new ways to process the sound within a hearing aid, so that it’s easier for a hearing-impaired listener to hear and understand the speech produced by their conversational partner (the “target talker”).

A 30 minute talk outling the first enhancement challenge

Round one is about the intelligibility of speech in a home environment with a single target talker and a single noise source. The scenario is as follows:

  • A home environment: a simulated cuboid room with low reverberation.
  • One static target talker producing speech drawn from a new corpus of 10,000 sentences produced by 40 British English speakers.
  • Background noise from a single static source: either competing speech or a typical domestic sound such as the whirr of a washing machine.
  • The processing is to be personalised for specified hearing-impaired listeners.

All approaches are welcome. We are providing a suite of open-source tools within a baseline system for you to improve on. These include

  • A tool for generating realistic training materials.
  • A baseline model of a hearing aid for you to better!
  • A model of hearing loss.
  • A model that estimates binaural speech intelligibility.

There are cash prizes for the systems that top our evaluation. See the rules.


1st February 2021

  • Release of documentation and description of baseline system.
  • Example dataset published.

15th February 2021

Publication of:

  • Full dataset
  • Scene generation code
  • Baseline system.

1st June 2021

Evaluation data released.

15th June 2021

Submission deadline.

More details of the challenge

Any questions?

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