Prediction Challenge

Round 1: 2021/2


To allow the development of better hearing aids, we need ways to automatically evaluate the speech intelligibility of audio signals. In other words, we need a prediction model that takes a listener’s characteristics and the audio transmitted by their hearing aids and estimates the Word Error Rate (WER) or intelligibility score that the real listener achieved in listening tests.

For the prediction challenge we will provide the following:

  • Audio produced by a variety of (simulated) hearing aids for speech-in-noise.
  • The corresponding “clean” reference signals.
  • Characteristics of the listeners (pure tone audiogram, etc.).
  • The WER from the listening tests, where the listener was asked to say what they heard in the speech-in-noise.

Key dates

  • Challenge launch, October 2021
  • Soft close, December 2021
  • Final deadline, April 2022
  • Workshop, June 2022

There are cash prizes for the systems that top our evaluation.

Keep up to date with information?

Please join our google group, where we will post announcements about the challenge.

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