Which results should I report?

You should report the speech intelligibility scores generated by the pipeline with your hearing aid model for all the test signals and listener audiograms in the evaluation dataset.

What audio do I need to submit?

You must submit the audio signals produced at the output of your simulated hearing aid for the listeners in the evaluation dataset. These will be processed by our post-processing code before transmission to listeners. We also encourage you to submit your simulated hearing aid code.

What should be included in the two page technical report?

Your report should include an abstract and introduction and sections on experimental setup/methodology including system information and model/network architecture, evaluation/results, discussion, conclusion and references. Please provide an estimation of the computational resources needed. You must describe any external data and pre-existing tools, software and models used.

Where do I submit the materials?

A submission form will appear here.

Any questions?

Please post questions on the Google Group discussions board.