What audio do I need to submit?

You must submit the audio signals produced at the output of your simulated hearing aid for the evaluation dataset. We would like you to submit two sets of signals for:

  1. MBSTOI ranking
  2. Listening tests.

We also encourage you to submit your simulated hearing aid code. Please submit floating point wav files for both sets.

  1. MBSTOI evaluation. The convention in the hearing aid model (at the output) and in the hearing loss model is that a +/-1 square wave has RMS = 0 dB FS and corresponds to 120 dB.  
  2. Listening tests. Any samples that are >+1 or <-1 in your submitted audio files will be hard clipped in software to +1 or -1 respectively, before conversion to 24-bit fixed point WAV format.

See the page on listening tests for more information about the levels that can be reproduced by the listening test equipment. When playing signals to listeners we will then play them as is. The responsibility for the final signal level is therefore yours. It’s worth bearing in mind that should your signals overall seem too loud to be comfortable to a participant, they may well turn down the volume themselves.

What should be included in the two page technical report?

Your report should include an abstract and introduction and sections on experimental setup/methodology including system information and model/network architecture, evaluation/results, discussion, conclusion and references. Please provide an estimation of the computational resources needed. You must describe any external data and pre-existing tools, software and models used.

How will intellectual property be handled?

See here under Intellectual Property.

Where do I submit the materials?

A submission form will appear here.

Any questions?

Please post questions on the Google Group discussions board.