Listening tests overview

Our listening panel will be provided with a tablet preloaded with our Listen@Home software and headphones to complete the listening experiment. 

They will listen to an entrant’s sentence, respond verbally with what they think was said by the target talker, and then move on to the next sentence. Their response will be recorded by the tablet microphone(s) and then processed using automatic speech recognition methods. Intelligibility will be evaluated as the number of words identified correctly in the sentence.

We plan that each listener will evaluate 1,200 sentences, which is about 4 hours of listening, and that every listener will evaluate sentences from every entrant. We will use a combinatorial design to equate this as far as possible.

Should a listener drop out from the panel, we will endeavour to replace them with someone with a similar hearing loss, but should that prove impractical we will reduce the size of the panel, and inform entrants which listener has withdrawn.